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The BIMM Group is a new kind of enterprise. Our mission is to offer Australian consumers the opportunity to buy brands and products whose sole reason for existence is to support causes that aim to leave our world in a better place for future generations.


To do this we create, manufacture, distribute and market innovative brands with quality products that are then delivered through not-for-profit enterprises to consumers.


All our products are ethical, sustainable and locally sourced where possible, with 100% of the profits going back to support the communities they live in and the causes they believe in.

What impact will you have on the world?
Are you there for those who desperately need help?
The people who, through no fault of their own are down, socially isolated, depressed, bullied or afflicted in some way?
What about all the animals whose existence on this planet is entirely dependent on the actions of people?
Are you prepared to stand by and let climate change win?
You can have an impact. Every single person can.
And you can do it by simply making a choice.
A choice to buy brands and consume products that serve a greater good.
That is why we created The BIMM Group.
We create brands.
Brands with a higher purpose.
To improve the lives of others.
Brands that are good for the earth.
That care for people, the planet and animals.
Our brands give 100% of their profits from sale to a worthwhile cause.
And every product aims to be the best in its category. It is ethically sourced and sustainably made.
So here’s the thing.
Every time you choose to buy a BIMM brand, every time you choose to use a BIMM product you are having a positive impact.
All you have to do, is make the choice.


Brands for a better planet.

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